iFLEX Testimonials

Friendly environment for grouping!

I appreciate the ease of following class content regardless of where I am seated because of the many screens around the room. 

Vel Wu
Student in IS 561, 209 Huff Hall

You get to know your classmates!

It would be beneficial to have more classrooms like iFLEX because when you get to know the people in your classrooms, you make better connections, which would be helpful in classrooms like this. It works perfectly for this class because it’s more of an interactive class.

Analia Dama
Student in ADV 270, 32 Psychology

Classroom reflects material being taught

When I first started teaching ADV 270, I was in a traditional lecture hall, and I would lose students mentally when we had to break up into group work. A lot of this course is based on collaboration…this iFLEX classroom is built to promote that. It gives students an opportunity to build relationships with each other outside of just having a relationship with the course. As the university makes upgrades to the school, they should consider implementing these classrooms to take into consideration different learning styles.

Dionne Clifton
Lecturer of ADV 270, 32 Psychology

More open and vocal!

The iFLEX classroom allows for interaction between the student and the professor leading the class, which is what leads to idea expansion. In traditional lectures, it’s easy to get bored or distracted while only listening to the lecture, but iFLEX classrooms are more inclusive and engaging. It makes it easier to pay attention and grasp info more effectively. 

Dan Weber
Student in ADV 270, 32 Psychology

Collaborate actively on shared resources

The display system is set up so I can send output from the laptop or station to a particular screen, or share a student’s work with the rest of the class… I hope students appreciate the smoother transition from a lecture to a group discussion and the ability to work in groups compared to a regular classroom. 

Dave Dubin
Teaching Associate Professor of IS 561, 209 Huff Hall

Great classroom for group work

You’re able to use the whiteboards and have your group right across you… mostly, in our masters program, we are doing project work within the classes, and we’re always moving around each other; in traditional classrooms, it sometimes becomes difficult to talk to three people in a line.

Student in IS 561, 209 Huff Hall

It’s my favorite place to teach!

The iFLEX rooms are a HUGE need! When I was in a forward-facing lecture hall, I tried to have students work together on problems in class and present solutions… it was always an interruption to talk to the people behind or around you. In this classroom style, it’s the lecture that’s the interruption. Students always meet people and get a lot out of the interactions with their colleagues.

Jodi Schneider
Assistant Professor of IS 561, 209 Huff Hall
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