The Goal of iFLEX Interactive Classrooms:

In accordance with the Next 150 Strategic Plan, specifically Goal 2 Transformative Learning Experiences, our goal is to build and support state-of-the-art classrooms and classroom learning experiences that augment diverse teaching strategies and active engagement in the classroom.

Seven Principles for Designing Interactive Classrooms*

  1. Enhance student and faculty contact
    -Increase opportunities for student-teacher interaction in the classroom.
  2. Promote diverse work groups and teams
    -Maximize opportunities for students to work in diverse groups or teams.
  3. Support interactive and engaged learning
    -Provide interactive learning experiences to improve engagement and retention.
  4. Increase classroom communication
    -Increase opportunities for students to share their ideas with faculty and peers.
  5. Make student thinking (and learning) visible
    -Provide tools to make thinking visible in class, including interactive technologies.
  6. Expect increased participation
    -Help students learn to perform at their best, and collaborate effectively.
  7. Adapt to different styles and strategies
    -Support a variety of teaching and learning styles and strategies

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