ISAC is an Office of the Provost standing committee made up of faculty, students and staff representing key campus organizations responsible for the development and support of instructional facilities on this campus. This task force began in April 2012 based on the recommendation by the Stewarding Excellence @ Illinois Space Utilization review and now continues into it’s fourth year.

The major responsibilities of this advisory committee include:

  1. Create a purposeful communication plan with Deans, Directors, and Department Heads about the resources available to support the Strategic Plan to provide transformative learning experiences.
  2. Complete iFLEX website and launch iFLEX marketing campaign.
  3. Determine iFLEX brand definition(s) and apply to existing, departmental, and general assignment classrooms as necessary.
  4. Determine the best inventory mix of instructional space.
  5. Coordinate information sources currently spread out among Technology Services at Illinois, Office of the Registrar, CITL, and F&S in order to provide comprehensive service to campus with a new website.
  6. Continue to make improvements in the following areas:
    • Technology Services at Illinois – manage ITS information, support and maintenance of iFLEX classrooms.

Instructional Space Advisory Committee Charge

2015-2016 Committee Members
  • Mary Kalantzis (Chair)
  • Ted Christy
  • Walt Hurley
  • Chris Isenhower
  • JoAnn Jacoby
  • Jeremy Jones
  • Drew MacGregor
  • Jonathan Marcot
  • Emma Mercier
  • Stephen Notaro
  • Matthew Tomaszewski
  • John Tubbs
  • Ava Wolf
  • Jill A. Maxey, Ex Officio
  • Kristin McMurray, Ex Officio
  • Deanna Raineri, Ex Officio

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