For the Spring 2019 semester, there are seven iFLEX general assignment classrooms that you may request using the link below.

  • Animal Science Lab 131 (capacity 72)
  • Armory 432 (capacity 60)
  • Armory 182 (capacity 45)
  • Education 166 (capacity 45)
  • Huff 209 (capacity 42)
  • Psychology 32 (Capacity 80)
  • Psychology 11 (Capacity 30)

Complete the following form to request your iFLEX space

You should be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Course number and subject
  • CRN or section ID
  • Meeting pattern and time
  • Is your meeting time flexible?
  • Enrollment capacity
  • Room preference
  •  Do you require students to engage in a substantial amount of collaborative learning activities during class time?
  • Are you conducting a research investigation comparing traditional and flexible learning environments, or something similar?
  • Do you require students to collaborate on digital writing assignments or other web-based media activities during class time?
  • Do you typically ask students to engage in learning activities that require them to rearrange the furniture during class time?
  • Can you describe any workshops or trainings that you have attended on preparing to teach in a flexible classroom, or on the particular use of collaborative learning technologies? (If you have not attended any, please enter none.)