Huff Hall 209_wide angle looking southeast
Huff Hall Room 209

Huff Hall 209 is the first general assignment classroom that is available for faculty from any department. Completed in Fall 2014, room 209 houses 7 six-person collaborative workstations for a total room capacity of 42. Each workstation has a dedicated display and whiteboard to support group work. Flexible furniture allows for easy reconfiguration of the room to support a variety of pedagogical approaches.

Panoramic rm 166_looking se to sw
Education Room 166

Education 166 is a new general assignment classroom seating 45 students. It has an 8-screen, touch-enabled video wall at the front of the class and four 70 inch touch screens along the perimeter of the room supporting up to 6 breakout groups. Individual tablet armchairs can be arranged for a traditional lecture or reconfigured to enable group collaboration.

Armory Room 432

Armory 432 is new 60 person general assignment classroom. This furnishings in room are highly flexible with 30 individuals tables that are easily configured to support small groups of 2 or combined to create 10 groups of 6 students each. Six large displays allow you to share content throughout the room to be sure every student has a good viewing angle. This space has no front of the room, meaning instructors are free to wander and can connect their laptop to any one of four inputs placed throughout the space.

Animal Science Lab Room 131

ASL 131 opened as a general assignment classroom in Spring 2016 with seating for 72 students at 12 reconfigurable collaboration stations seating up to 6 students each. Ten displays around the perimeter of the room allow for students to share work as they collaborate in small groups. This room also has a central projection screen for instructor use and the ability to share any display either with the entire class and all 10 displays, or selectively to any other workstation(s).

Armory 182, Psych 32 and 11, and Everitt 2101 and 3117 details coming soon