Illinois Design Center

The new Illinois Design Center is one component of a larger cross-campus, multidisciplinary effort to harness the potential of design thinking and design learning in our teaching, research and engagement. Through this effort, we will channel our students’ outstanding talents to develop expertise, passion and creativity toward issues and lives of consequence. Students from across campus and all fields of study will explore ideas and master skills through action—immersing, designing, making, doing.

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The campus has received a major gift commitment to fund the construction of a new building that will house a campus-wide, multidisciplinary Design Center. This will be a central facility for undergraduate students to experience design thinking, making, and learning by addressing a wide variety of human needs in project-based collaborative teams. Conceived in 2009, the Design Center has been the subject of great effort over the course of the past year—with broad participation from across campus. We are now seeking collective input on this project from all campus stakeholders.

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