College of Business MakerLab

The MakerLab at the Business Instructional Facility (BIF) opened in it’s current location (room 3030) in the Fall of 2013 offering students access to 3D printer stations and additional equipment to support digital making.

Equipment Available:
  • 19 Ultimaker printers ( Twelve Ultimaker 2+ , Four Ultimaker 2Go, one Ultimaker Extended, and two Ultimaker Originals)
  • Makerbot CUPCAKE (yes, it was used for that too)
  • Kinect for Windows , the Sense Scanner and the Structure scanner (Ipad mounted) which are good enough for most object/person scans.
  • Raspberry PI , arduinos, breadboards, led’s and more (to have some ‘digital’ fun, such as this project).
  • Six Desktop computers
  • 70 inch Display

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