What is iFLEX?

IFLEX stands for Illinois Flexible Learning Experience, a new kind of classroom on the University of Illinois campus. IFLEX interactive classrooms are preferred by faculty whose courses and teaching methods emphasize small group learning and collaborative classroom activities with and without technology.

IFLEX classrooms feature tables and chairs on wheels allowing students to easily form groups and move around, multiple writing surfaces to encourage brainstorming and idea-sharing, and enhanced technologies that allow students to collaborate across the room or across the world!

Students in IFLEX classrooms spend more class time participating in hands-on activities with peers, and less time listening to lectures which results in increased levels of engagement and improved learning outcomes. As the demand for collaboration and teamwork skills increases across all industries, students and faculty report that the tech-enriched learning opportunities and increased interaction with peers they experience in the IFLEX classroom make this the ideal teaching and learning environment.

Watch this video to see how IFLEX interactive classrooms support active engagement in a tech-enriched learning environment.