iFLEX stands for Illinois Flexible Learning Experience, a brand name that describes a new kind of classroom on the University of Illinois campus. The iFLEX brand promotes the belief that learning is an active process best accomplished in environments that offer maximum flexibility and enhanced opportunities for information sharing and collaboration.

iFLEX classrooms are in high demand by faculty whose courses and teaching methods emphasize student-centered, collaborative learning activities and a heavy reliance on digital media and audio-visual technologies. Students in iFLEX classrooms typically spend more class time participating in hands-on activities with peers, and less time listening to lectures.

At the basic level, iFLEX classrooms feature reconfigurable furniture and multiple writing surfaces for group work and idea sharing, as well as increased power outlets for utilizing portable devices. Many iFLEX classrooms also have multiple wall-mounted display monitors for 360-degree views, and enhanced audio-visual technologies for creating and sharing digital content and media.

It is worth noting that research on flexible classroom environments, even at the basic level, shows significant increases in student engagement and increased satisfaction with the classroom learning experience. As the demand for collaboration and teamwork skills increases across all industries, students and faculty report that the tech-enriched learning opportunities and increased interaction with peers they experience in the iFLEX classroom make this the ideal teaching and learning environment.

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